Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our resounding Amen!

Unlike Adam I never got to experience the garden,
But like Adam I’ve wasted opportunities more than golden,
Typical of men to blame it all on the women,
So like Adam I never wanted to pay the cost of my burden,

Condemned for my sin, with no hope of even a glimpse of heaven,
My yoke is hard my burden heavy, with guilt I’m heavy-laden,
Plagued by the curse of sin, among its victims I’m bedridden,
If I was thrown with the lions, I wouldn’t survive a night in their den,

But Christ the promised Seed, who would save the downtrodden,
The promise of salvation from the Judge, to Adam and his children,
Deliverance from eternal death, I’ll never experience the burning oven,
The Judge of sin the Savior from sin, so with God I’m now even,

Hope of eternal future with Christ, better than the best of Eden,
Can’t wait to be with Christ, thank God the rapture will be sudden,
He came and will return for me, in His kingdom we will be brethren,
Coheirs with Christ, eternal victory, our resounding Amen!

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