Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Mama

For years now I have been thinking about how the typical African man, being highly conservative in matters of affection, expresses love for his mother; not because of any interest in the behavioral patterns of the typical African man, but because with each passing year, my mother continues to be a great inspiration in my life with consistency beyond description. So I tried, but with very pale comparison, to use words to describe her…

Struggling to express my love for her, coz I’m trapped in the traditions of an African,
To say I love her and hug her, would be considered as too much of a Western,

So I’ll hide behind a pen and paper, to give due credit to this superwoman,
They may say a woman’s weaker, but she broke her back to raise this strong man,

She was patient enough to watch me grow, and fit into the name Nathan,
I confess there was some spanking, but it was part of her perfect rearing plan,

Not perfect in English, but she speaks love better than anybody under the sun,
Coz she still prays for me to own a car, even though I wrecked her only one,

I walk tall and proud, but humbled to know I came from this woman,
Coz we’re so many at home, but she makes us all feel like the firstborn son,

Dad a lifetime banker, with keys to the safe full of priceless bullion,
But never counted enough money, to match mama’s worth in his lifespan,

So I can’t wait for the day I’ll introduce her, to my first daughter or son,
Coz in her I saw Christ, before I ever saw Him in any confessing Christian.

Friday, February 4, 2011

He gave for a slave

A few days ago, a dear friend confessed that 2010 was the worst year of her life. This reminded me of my diverse experiences that probably qualify 2010 as one of my worst years as well. But then I also remembered the Apostle Paul’s testimony in Philippians chapter 4 of how he had learned to live under any and all circumstances no matter how severe the affliction. This he confirmed was enabled by the strength he drew from Christ. I hence discovered that in this life, there are no guarantees of a smooth journey; but an even better guarantee is the strength we draw from Christ through salvation in Him. My friend may have had her worst year, but I can’t overlook the fact that she made it through, and all this is accredited to Christ. Below is a piece I wrote last year (2010), deep into the darkness of one of my trials…

Outside the tide of life is too high, so I can’t handle the wave,
Inside the light for life is too low, coz I always hide in a cave,
Like the proud lion leading the pack, majestic in public I behave,
But I wish they knew when I’m alone, I’m barely half as brave,

It doesn’t help that for everyone around me, life seems so suave,
Everyone seems satisfied, I’m the only one left with a crave,
Can’t help but wonder if my freedom, will only be found in the grave,
If my tears could run beyond my face, an entire city’s highway they would pave…

But quickly I remember my Savior, and why He rose from the grave,
He suffered the entire cost, so the penalty for my sins He could waive,
He secured life in abundance, for you and me when He came to save,
Power that conquered the grave lives inside me, so I’m no longer a slave,

I now renew my cry, that only His deserved praises I may rave,
If I had a song in my mouth, His endless mercy would fill the octave,
If I had room to dance, I would ‘shake it’ like the Bible’s King Dave,
Coz His perfect life to save my wretched one, in perfect love He gave!